Sunday, February 26, 2012

Motivational Problems: (Or: My Life Keeps Getting Worse)

My cat is probably dying.

A few weeks back she lost her appetite, then seemed to regain it.  Since returning home from my trip, however, she's no longer eating.  Within 24 hours I was in the vet's office.  My cat, who's been 16 lbs most of her life, is now 8 lbs.

The vet recommended an x-ray, but the results, like the results of the blood panel and the urinalysis, showed nothing wrong.

Great news, right?  Not so much.  When you've got a cat who's obviously as sick as mine -- all that loss of weight and apetite -- you're probably looking at cancer.  The next step is to get a second opinion from an internal medicine specialist.  They would probably do an ultrasound, which would cost about $600, and be one more traumatic experience for my poor kitty.  Since I have yet to talk to anyone who's had a good experience giving their cat chemo, I would probably opt for palliative care.  I'll be talking to the specialist about this.

In the mean time, I've felt really unmotivated.  I need to clean the house, because it looks like a tornado threw up on it.  I need to sell some crap on Craigslist.  I need to work on my stained glass project.

I wondered if my meds needed adjusting, if somehow they'd started to fight with each other ... and then I realized: I am motivated to do one thing, and just one.  I am motivated to spend quality time with my cat.  I will sit on the couch for as long as she wants me to.  That's my motivation right now.

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