Friday, February 24, 2012

Lamictal 300 mgs, Abilify 5 mgs: Bruxism is Back

When I first started lamictal I was overjoyed to find that I no longer ground my teeth.  After a few months on Abilify, the problems seems to have returned.  It's not as bad as when I was on zoloft, but it's still there.

Strangely (or maybe not), the problem really got noticeable when I switched to an ergonomic pillow for my neck.  My neck is pretty screwed up.  It will take any excuse it needs to tighten up and impinge the nerves in my arms and hands.  Hence the pillow.

The pillow seems to be helping my neck at the expense of my jaws.  I wake up, and my neck feels great -- but my jaws are clenched old school, and I can feel my teeth grinding.  When I was visiting my family last week this was even worse.  My mother uses these stiff damn pillows on the guest bed, which meant that both my neck and my jaws were screwed up.

I guess it's back to the mouth guard for me.

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