Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lamictal, Abilify, And Direct Sunlight -- They're Not Kidding

The little sheet they gave me with my Abilify scrip warns against direct sunlight.  Lamictal, as we know, can really screw with your skin.  Combine those with an outdoor baseball game and you have ... well ... screwed up skin.

I attended a baseball game three weeks ago.  In spite of the 60 SPF sunblock I put on my arms, they're still peeling.  After three weeks.  As for my shins, where I forgot to apply sunblock entirely, let's just say that they were pretty screwed up.

At first they followed the usual sunburn pattern.  They turned red and sensitive.  They started peeling.  Then, surprise!  Petechiea.  Those are those little red spots on the skin which I experienced on Day 2 after exercising.  They went away after a few days, and I am once again peeling like a mofo.

I burn pretty easily, but I've never had a burn like this that just keeps peeling.  Needless to say I broke out the aloe.  But I would have been happier if I'd applied more sunblock.