Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 35 on Lamictal: Changing Back to Teva Tomorrow

I got in touch with my pdoc and told him I wanted to go back onto the Teva lamotrigine as soon as was physically possible.  He's calling in the scrip right now.  By tomorrow I hope to be approaching normal again.

Yesterday wound up going hellishly bad.  By early afternoon I felt like I wanted to die.  My mood picked up a bit after that, but I still felt low and sad about some pretty ridiculous things, like the imagined suffering of the beans I was cooking for dinner.  Until 8 pm or so, when, like clockwork, my mood picked up.

My psychiatrist said, and I quote, "God knows what's going on", but that there's a good chance that 75 mgs of the NorthStar med is effectively less medication than 50 mgs of the Teva (at least in my particular instance).  It's even possible, he said, that I'm not accessing any of the medication at all for whatever reason.  He wants me to stay at 50 mgs of Teva lamotrigine for a few days, just in case, before going up to 75 mgs.

Today has been better than yesterday, though still not good.  I've felt low, sad, and simultaneously anxious and dull.  On the other hand, knowing that I'm getting off this NorthStar crap gives me something to look forward to.  I can't wait for tomorrow.

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