Monday, June 11, 2012

The Other Shoe Drops: RIP CC the Cat

Ever since I lost my first kitty in March, I've been terrified that my other cat was soon to follow.  I felt like she was the one thing I had left to lose, and I keep experiencing horrible loss.  It didn't help that she went and developed hyperthyroidism.  But then the meds seemed to help her for a good few months.  And then last week she started seriously throwing up again.

They vet ran her blood work, which had been normal the week before, and found some pretty bad liver numbers.  They were, the vet said, consistent with a liver tumor or lymphoma.  I guess hyperthyroidism can mask these conditions.

Given that CC was 18, I was not going to put her through chemo or surgery.  I elected for palliative care.  That was Thursday.  On Saturday I had to put her to sleep.

I'm coping with this better than I coped with Piglet's death.  I think it's because it's not the same roller-coaster, where she was at death's door several times and then bounced back.  CC had a normal life right up until her last hours.

But damn, how I miss her, and how quiet and empty the house feels without cats.

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