Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lamictal 300 mgs; Abilify 5 mgs: Stable, but In Debt

My mood has stabilized incredibly since adding Abilify to my cocktail.  It helps too that the sun is sticking around longer, and that the weather here has been bright and cheerful.  On Friday, I was able to exercise for the first time in weeks, and my brain is once again able to do things like prioritize.  I even feel less cold than I used to, and that's kind of nice.

I've dealt with the conflict with my friend, and it went really well.  I just sent a letter to my art student's family detailing a new studio policy that's less exploitive of my time while ensuring that he makes more consistent progress in his work.  Maybe his folks will resent being asked to pay up front and will end lessons.  So what.  Last fall, we only had about half the lessons we usually have during a semester anyway.

Except that this leaves me kind of broke.  I racked up thousands of dollars of debt seeing my shrink for med checks every two weeks for the last twelve weeks.  Of that, I've managed to pay back about $600.  Also, my Christmas credit card bill is due next month.

Guess where I thought this money was coming from?  Yup.  Art lessons.

If I hadn't had to deal with several cancellations, a last minute notice that there would be no lessons for three weeks over the holidays, and then another cancellation of a lesson I was assured would happen, I'd have about five hundred dollars with which to pay for Christmas and begin to make dent in the shrinkage bill.  After that, my plan was to start seeing an ADD career coach so I could, you know, get a career off the ground and start making some real goddam money.

So while I'm trying to be detached from the outcome of my letter to my art student's parents, I'm also really really hoping they accept my terms.  I need the money.  I also enjoy the kid a lot, and I miss him.

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