Friday, November 25, 2011

My Pharmacoepia

Just for fun the other day, I decided to compile a list of all the medications I take.  Here they are in all their scary, scary glory.

Morning cocktail:
  • Lamictal, 300 mgs (mood stabilizer)
  • Vyvanse, 70 mgs (long-release amphetamine to treat ADD)
  • Claritin, 10 mgs (anti-histamine)
  • Nasacort, 2 puffs each nostril (corticosteroid to keep my sinuses and ears from inflaming)
  • Singulair (leukotriene inhibitor to prevent asthma symptoms
  • Adderall, 5 mgs  (used as an amphetamine "booster" to treat late-afternoon mood slump)
  • My good and dear friend, the Nuvaring (birth control)
As Needed:
  • Q-var (corticosteroid for wheezy asthma -- I pretty much have this for emergencies)
  • Abuterol (corticosteroid for acute asthma attack -- I need this even less often than the Q-var)
  • Phenlyephrine (decongestant that is MY BEST FRIEND, because I can't tolerate Sudafed; for the longest time there were no other decongestant options out there, but phenylephrine was released because you can't cook meth from it.  Thanks, crystal meth epidemic!)
  • Advil (If you don't know what this is, you live under a rock and probably don't have internet anyway)
  • Booze (for fun.)
My poor liver.  My poor, poor liver.


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