Monday, July 11, 2011

Lamictal Day 3: 25 mgs

So far, so good.  My mood is definitely better today than it has been in pretty much forever.  Technically it's too soon for me to be feeling any effects from the lamotrigine, but whatever.  We're all different, right?  And I've proven myself to be pretty sensitive to medications in the past.

Yesterday I had a nervous moment when I got out of the shower and saw that my skin was covered in tiny red pin-prick looking things.  They weren't bumpy, they didn't itch or hurt, and I wasn't running a fever.  They also looked nothing like the rashes I saw when I googled "lamictal rash".  I dropped my doctor an email just to be safe, and he wrote back to say that what I was describing was benign, but to keep him posted of ANY skin changes.

And therein lies the challenge of lamotrigine.  The normal side effects?  Headache, rash, fever.  The deadly side effects?  Rash, fever, headache.

As far as side effects, I feel like I'm not sleeping as deeply as usual, and I'm slightly sleepy during the day.  So far this is more than manageable.  My cognition and concentration seem fine.  I'm not getting any headaches or muscle pains -- if anything, my delayed onset muscle stiffness after lifting weights is much better than usual.

I feel like this is too good to be true.  Then I remember that it took about two weeks for the Lexapro to really make me crash, and another two months after getting off it to return to anything like normal.  And I remember that Stevens-Johnson is most likely to happen between two and eight weeks after starting Lamictal, but it can nonetheless appear at any time.  And I remember that I've got a long, long way to go before I reach a "therapeutic" dose of this stuff.

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