Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lamitcal + Abilify = You Really Need Sunblock

Lamictal, as we all know, can really mess with your skin.  In rare cases, it can mess with your skin so badly that it can kill you.  But those are rare cases.  Most of us just notice that our skin is more easily irritated than before.

The warnings on Abilify caution you to avoid direct sunlight.  Seriously.

So what happens when you fail to take your meds into account and spend an afternoon in the sun without sunblock, which would be a bad idea anyway because you inherited the pasty skin of your Irish ancestors? What happens is that you wind up with a sunburn that flakes for weeks afterwards.

Strangely enough, my sunburn wasn't bad enough to hurt.  My skin just stayed really red for almost a week.  Three weeks later, my skin is still flaking slightly.  In pre-lamictal/abilify days, this whole process would have taken about a week.

So, kids, if you're on either of these meds, and all the more so on both, wear that sunblock.

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