Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lamictal Day 52: Weird Reaction to Sugar

At a couple of points in the past week, I've been at social events where sugary desserts have been available.  Both times they've crashed my mood and my attention span.  It was almost like being drunk, with only the unpleasant parts.

I don't have sugar very often.  I actually don't have a sweet tooth, something for which I am very grateful.  But usually I can handle eating a single goddam peanut butter cookie without it impairing my driving ability!

The only time I've experienced anything like this was several years ago.  I had gone off my meds entirely, and was managing my ADHD symptoms (my mood symptoms were not an issue at that time) purely through diet and exercise.  I completely cut out caffeine and sugar, and wasn't even eating many carbs at all.  The effect was that if I were to, say, eat a piece of wedding cake, the icing would completely end me.  I would struggle to make basic conversation.  My speech was probably slurred, I don't know.  What I do know is that starting Vyvanse for my ADHD normalized me enough that I could have a breakfast pastry or a dessert without losing my faculties.

Is this a lamictal thing?  Is this a lamictal thing at higher doses?  If you're on lamictal, have you had an experience like this?

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