Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 48, 100 Mgs: Slept 11 Hours Last Night, but Maybe Appetite Has Returned?

Something happened today that hasn't happened in weeks.  I woke up ... almost ... hungry.

Lack of appetite in the morning has been a problem for me since Week One of lamictal.  It's always been noticeable, but usually I've been able to overcome it.  As I've titrated up, I've gotten worse, until last week it was a four-hour struggle to choke down my breakfast.  At managed to eat just enough to keep exercising, and I lost the couple of pounds that I'd gained on the NorthStar version of lamotrigine.  So that's something to be grateful for.

Last week, a bunch of relationship stress hit the fan, adding to my sleep problems.  I got a couple decent nights' sleep, but by no means enough.  The night before last, I woke up about five times, and I had the following dreams:

  1. My husband was angry with me.  Yeah, well ...
  2. We were living in our car.
  3. We were living in the backseat of our car.  The front seat was occupied by a woman and her baby.
  4. We were living in the backseat a car belonging to the narcissistic, verbally abusive mother of a friend of mine.  She was living in the front seat.
  5. We were looking at a rental apartment that was in back of a truck stop.  It was fairly nice and spacious, and connected to the truckstop by a corridor with a lovely parquet floor.  It was separated from the truck stop by a pair of flimsy sliding doors.
So, no anxiety about my living situation.  Nope.

Last night was different though.  I felt tired by 11, and went to sleep.  I woke up a few times to pee, but slept really deeply otherwise.  I was actually awake before my alarm went off at 10 am.  I enjoyed 11 hours of fairly good sleep.  I feel well-rested for the first time in recent memory.

Although ... I have to wonder about waking up as often as I do.  Lamictal causes dry mouth, which has me drinking a ton of water.  Am I waking up because I'm drinking all this water, and therefore needing to pee a lot?  Or am I only needing to pee because I wake up and realize that I have to go?  I would so love to get a normal eight or nine hours worth of sleep.

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