Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lamictal 300 mgs: Once Again, the Lamictal Stupids

Since titrating up to 300 mgs of lamictal a few days ago, I feel like I've done some remarkably stupid things.  Even for someone with ADD.  Who also has jetlag.

Tuesday I left the house without my backpack.  Inside my backpack lives my wallet.  Attached to my backpack is my water bottle.  I *never* forget my backpack.  I just don't.  Fortunately I didn't need to buy anything, nor was I pulled over while driving.

The next day I went to a volunteer orientation at the local SPCA.  I've been to the building before.  It takes up an entire city block.  It has signs on the all the street lamps outside it.  However, since I had never gotten there by public transit + walking, I was using google maps ... and google maps showed it on the other side of a freeway overpass.

I trusted the google maps version of reality, even though I saw the street lamp signs as I was walking along, and thought to myself, "I must be getting close!".  But I walked on, past the streetlamp signs, for another six blocks.  I didn't think to look up at the frakin' enormous building next to me that has signs on it for my convenience.  I realized that I had gone too far, asked for directions, and was sent back the way I had come.

I ran the next six blocks and arrived looking like I was about to stroke out.  It was a warm day, but as usual it was deceptively cold in my house, so I'd put on a light thermal top under my shirt.  My skin was still flushed an hour later.  Thank you, pasty Irish skin that shows everything.

I've had the lamictal stupids in the past, and fortunately they've tended to last only a few days.  Here's hoping this ain't permanent.

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